Are you looking to recruit top talents in Asia or maybe searching for experts for Asian companies in Germany?

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JP contagi – Specialised HR solutions for companies doing business in both China and Europe – provided by experts on both continents with full bicultural competence.

Challenges in an intercontinental context

Filling key positions with the right personnel is essential to the success of a company. International recruitment is even more complex due to different cultural, demographic, and legal circumstances.

Bicultural expertise

We will help you to find the specialists and executives that are right for you. Our experts in Shanghai and Dusseldorf have many years of executive search experience on both continents. Our researchers and consultants are dedicated professionals with regional and industry experience. We combine a systematic, direct search approach with intercultural sensitivity and goal-oriented pragmatism, allowing you to successfully access the highly competitive employment markets in Europe and Asia.

China Desk – Inbound

Our China Desk – Inbound supports Chinese companies in Europe by providing HR-related consulting services such as: talent management (search, retention and development of employees), interim management, post-merger HR integration, talent mapping studies, salary benchmarks, intercultural training, outsourcing of HR-related administration tasks, etc.

China Desk – Outbound

Our China Desk – Outbound understands the needs and challenges of European companies searching for staff who are qualified and loyal on the one hand, and have a certain cultural fit needed for working for a Western employer on the other. Since 2004, we have been supporting our clients in this dynamic environment with customised services in the fields of recruiting, interim management and specialised HR advisory.

China is at the top of the list of the world’s most complex and competitive markets. Over the last decade, the rapid development of the Chinese economy has led to an exponential increase in the demand for qualified talent. Forecasts predict a steadily rising shortage of qualified workers and specialists in China.

In China, the “War for Talent” is no new phenomenon. Multinational companies will be affected by this issue more and more in the future. It is therefore all the more important to find and retain the right candidates for key positions.

Your personal contact partners

Martin Tjan

Managing Partner

Hsiao J. Chiu

Managing Partner

Dr. Marcus Wittner

Founding Partner

JP contagi是一家德国-瑞士合伙人制的人力咨询公司,总部在德国的杜塞尔多夫,在瑞士和中国设有办事处。我们专注于在欧洲和中国直接系统地寻找合格的中高层管理人才.

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