Digital infrastructures – concern everyone.

Our origins lie in the providers and users of digital infrastructures. We know the global world of telecommunications providers, data centre operators, internet hubs and service providers.

Market needs & trends
Clients & references
Partners & networks
Market needs & trends

Data volumes are exploding, digital markets are flourishing.

Modern life and the Internet of Things are the drivers of digital infrastructures. Between the years 2017 and 2024 alone, the global transmission capacity for the internet will increase by more than 40% p.a. (Source: Telegeopraphy, 2018). Providers of digital infrastructure services are expecting growth rates of at least > 10% p.a. Users are being inundated with trends from countless directions and the capital invested in the market is fuelling further investments. The digital age has begun – and we want to play our part in shaping it.

Clients & references

Clients trust us – references recommend us.

A selection of cases in which we have successfully assisted or continue to assist our clients:

  • Advising an international world organisation and the actual project team on the catalogue of requirements for the construction of a Central European computer centre
  • Supporting an internationally operating US-American provider of interconnection and data centre solutions for management and business development
  • On-site analysis and support for the development of a new local market for a leading international telecommunications company.
  • Market research, concept supervision and process support regarding the identification of suitable locations for a European data centre provider
  • Concept development for new market entry scenarios for regional electricity suppliers in the field of digital infrastructures
Partners & networks

Together, we are stronger – with our trusted partners.

Thanks to the active network of the contagi Group, we have constant and direct access to a large pool of experts who can assist with a variety of questions.
With an interdisciplinary topic such as digitisation, we also engage in dialogue with the real estate industry, the automotive industry, electricity and infrastructure suppliers and the financial world, to name but a few.

We would be happy to enter into a dialogue with you, too, and look forward to future additions.