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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Increase your quality. Decrease your costs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has many advantages: On the one hand, the consistent use of synergy effects allows you to significantly reduce your recruitment costs (cost-per-hire: CPH). On the other hand, you can significantly increase the quality of your personnel recruitment by outsourcing the management and implementation of your recruiting processes and benefitting from our (pre-)selection of candidates based on years of experience and using scientifically sound diagnostics. We work closely with you when providing our outsourcing services and make sure to take into account the different personalities, soft and hard skills of all the candidates, while always keeping in mind the corporate culture you wish to convey.

Concentrating on core competencies generates added values.

  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Valid budgeting of recruitment costs
  • Professional candidate management
  • Higher-quality recruitments
  • Better access to talent
  • Time savings from recruitment through to hiring
  • Faster adjustment to technological transformation
  • Improved employer branding
  • Scalable resources

When should you consider a “recruiting flat rate”?

Do you have limited human resource capacities or competences? Does your company require personnel on a regular or even large-scale basis? Are you frequently having to fill vacant positions that require very specific expertise and experience? Then there are many reasons why you should rely on the core competence of a personnel recruitment specialist. As part of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, you can choose the best option for you: end-to-end or shortlisting. Take advantage of this “recruiting flat rate” to make your planning and budgeting easier.

Long-term vacancies usually leave existing HR personnel feeling overworked and overwhelmed, resulting in competitive disadvantages. Furthermore, RPO allows you to reach candidates who are not proactively positioning themselves on the labour market.

Why sift through countless and sometimes unqualified CVs when you could be choosing from a handful of pre-qualified candidates who are perfect fits?!

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