Our interim management partners

contagi Interim Manager are proven specialists in their chosen field

They also possess significant project management skills. Their proficiency is the result not only of their interim mandates but also from years of line management experience. This enables them to look at the challenges facing our clients from the business perspective of their competitors – irrespective of the project requirements and desired seniority. After all, even a young consultant must have the necessary project-specific experience to work effectively and efficiently in the context of our quality standards.

This expertise enables the contagi interim managers to perform a rapid assessment of the situation, identify courses of action and set priorities. Regular rotation through engagements in varied organisations, of varied sizes and cultures means that they possess significant interpersonal and social skills. This enables them not only to reliably identify the informal networks within an organisation but also to understand the mind-set of the employees entrusted to them, and to determine a way forward. Thereafter, during the implementation they can fall back on a broad range of methodological know-how.

Excerpt of fields of activities typical for our interim managers:

Restructuring of a family-owned furniture manufacturer
Restructuring of a family-owned furniture manufacturer

The Organisation

  • Furniture manufacturer
  • Third-generation ownership
  • € 78 mn turnover
  • 375 employees

The Situation

  • Former market leader demonstrating declining sales for the past 8 years
  • Company making losses for the past three years, 28% loss in last financial year
  • Owner family has now exhausted its own resources
  • House bank is pressing for restructuring by external experts
  • Transfer of management of the company to the son of the current CEO has failed

The Interim Manager

  • Business graduate, 58 years old
  • An interim manager specialising in restructuring for the last 17 years
  • 18 years’ experience as CEO, executive vice-president, department head, head of sales, head of product marketing in the electronics industry, telecommunications equipment, information technology

The Process

  • Securing short-term liquidity
  • Radical cost management
  • Rationalisation and new orientation of the product palette
  • Selective withdrawal from regional markets
  • Reorganisation of the reporting systems and introduction of key performance indicators
  • Production of a customer service offer for the furniture trade
  • Setting up of a purchasing alliance
  • Development of a sales organisation for project business
  • Outsourcing of production abroad
  • Reorganisation of workforce
  • Debt restructuring with house banks
Bridging a vacancy at an international automobile parts manufacturer
Bridging a vacancy at an international automobile parts manufacturer


  • Automobile parts manufacturer
  • 2nd tier
  • €520 mn turnover
  • 1,600 employees at 9 locations world-wide


The Situation

  • The head of department for financial controlling is suffering from burn-out and unexpectedly signed off for at least 3 months
  • During this period, the annual report will need to be produced


The Interim Manager

  • 49 years old with a business degree
  • Has been an interim manager for the past 7 years, with a main focus on finance and accounting.
  • 13 years previous experience as chief executive, head of accounting, controller in a company specialising in automobile-, rail- and aeronautical engineering
  • In addition, 2 years’ experience as a management consultant with a main emphasis on value management
  • Prior to a business degree, 4 years in banking as a risk manager, during which he graduated from college


The Process

  • Workshop with senior management
  • Discussions with key individuals such as the heads of the financial departments, representatives of the house bank and auditors
  • Improvements to the controlling systems
  • Coaching of the department heads
  • Implementation of the process for steering and co-ordination of all activities involved in the production of the year-end accounts

Quality assurance

In order to provide the best possible support for our clients, we put much store not only on the quality of our interim managers but also on the suitability of the mandate.

To ensure that we meet both the requirements of our clients and our own quality standards, all contagi interim managers go through a five-stage selection process.

Selection process

We refine the requirements and expectations of our clients in a detailed clarification of the issues. On this basis, we can then identify a suitable interim manager, and obtain his or her assessment of the potential mandate. We then present our client within a shortlist of suitable and available interim managers. If so desired, we can arrange a preliminary call between the client and the potential interim manager. A personal conversation will take place one way or another.

  • Clarification of the mandate.
  • Identification of suitable interim managers.
  • Telephone interviews between the client and the potential interim manager.
  • Face-to-face meeting between the client and the interim manager.

Our quality assurance process does not end with the mandate, but continues through the entire contract. In addition, contagi INTERIM monitors the interaction between the client and the interim manager, the expectations of both parties, progress of the project and ongoing results of the contract.