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Solutions for digital challenges. Answers to future-oriented questions.

Digitalisation is on everyone’s minds. And it has an infinite number of facets. We can help you to keep on top of things by looking at digitisation as an interdisciplinary function.

Based on our experts’ decades of experience, our knowledge starts with the development and design of digital infrastructures. And, building on this, it continues across various corporate and application areas.

contagi DIGITAL IMPACT GROUP GmbH was founded at the end of 2018 and is the latest member of the contagi Group.

With Frank Zachmann as Managing Partner, our focus lies on advising companies on all issues relating to digital infrastructures and the use of synergies from the service portfolio of the contagi Group. We want to help our clients shape the digital future and make an impression together. Our aim: to work with you as your Trusted Advisor, solving and resolving digital issues in a future-oriented way.

  • We advise users and providers of digital infrastructures.
  • We find and place leading experts on specialist questions and projects in the digital field.
  • We find the best employees for tasks in the field of digitisation.
  • We help companies with the business development of their digital business models.
  • In cooperation with leading institutions, we promote and challenge education and training in the digital economy.