Legal advice and extended legal services. 

What is Advokatur?

HR solutions need a solid foundation for all parties involved. This includes ex ante creative solutions with the necessary contractual framework. But it also means solving conflicts ex post in court or out of court in the interest of the client. Advokatur is a name both for the legal profession and for our law firm.

What does contagi ADVOKATUR offer?

contagi ADVOKATUR is a law firm with a focus on contract management, legal services for medium-sized businesses and all personnel solutions, combined with the expertise and network of contagi. This unique combination makes contagi ADVOKATUR your ideal partner for all personnel-related legal issues.

Employment law

Regarding employment law, contagi ADVOKATUR deals primarily with matters of individual employment law. In addition to the basic alignment of the contagi Group, contagi ADVOKATUR mainly advises small and medium-sized enterprises in legal matters concerning, for example, the drafting of employment contracts and individual contractual regulations, the termination of employment relationships, company-internal concepts for overtime compensation models, vacation regulations, etc. Using proven and pragmatic approaches, we provide our clients with the best possible support to resolve their challenges in matters of employment law.

Data protection law

Regarding data protection issues, contagi ADVOKATUR can advise you on the practical aspects and handling of current legal regulations, in particular the omnipresent European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to clarifying individual questions, our main priority is advising you on the secure handling of data and data protection processes in day-to-day business. Drawing on the entire contagi Group’s experience with data protection issues in the HR service industry, contagi ADVOKATUR offers target-oriented consulting supported by industry experience, which is especially valuable for HR service providers.

Contract law

Regarding contractual matters, contagi ADVOKATUR focusses primarily on the preparation, review and evaluation of contractual regulations for small and medium-sized enterprises. Case-by-case assessments and extrajudicial or judicial negotiations during disputes are as much a part of our assignments as the drafting of contracts and contractual terms, and preventive advice on specific issues and regulatory content.

contagi ADVOKATUR is an owner-managed law firm specialising in legal assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a system partner providing legal support to the company’s clients, contagi ADVOKATUR completes the service portfolio of the contagi GROUP. Our main areas of expertise are employment law, data protection law, insurance law and general contract law.

contagi ADVOKATUR is headed by Tim Hallas, an attorney-at-law with many years of experience as a lawyer, consultant and entrepreneur.