Excerpt from our main topics

Aptitude diagnostics
Successful companies understand the potential of their employees and use it to their advantage.

In a world of exponentially increasing management responsibilities, no organisation can rely on finding sufficient natural management talent.

Aptitude diagnostics give our clients an independent and objective indication of the current strength of the professional and management capability within their organisation, as well as an indication of the size of the not-yet-realised management potential. However, this must involve standards in the sense of qualities required of effective employees to tackle the key challenges facing the organisation currently and in the foreseeable future.

We develop these standards in co-operation with our clients. They form the basis for the diagnostic instruments to be employed. The result is a landscape of the skill sets, effectiveness and potentials, which makes it possible to reliably map the path to sustainable employee development.

People Due Diligence
People Due Diligence as an add-on to Financial Due Diligence enables our clients to examine the strengths and weaknesses of organisations prior to acquisition.

We help you to ask the right questions before the purchase, allowing you to assess the possibility of an integration or growth-oriented continuation of the company after the acquisition.

Thus, the financial aspects are supplemented by strategic and “soft” factors, enabling our clients to make better purchasing decisions and increasing the probability of a successful purchase. This not only facilitates price negotiations, but also allows our clients to better assess and proactively plan the entire post-merger integration phase.

Experienced HR experts perform this audit in a target-oriented manner, geared to the purpose of the acquisition. Depending on the future strategy, we assess the management team, employees critical to success, the organisation and the HR governance, to determine their strengths and possible factors that could influence their actions. In addition to standard topics such as innovation- and growth strength, possible emotional barriers are also assessed. After all: the entire transaction is at risk if the change leads to a cultural clash.

Restructuring company pension entitlements
Restructuring the company pension scheme to leverage your company’s competitiveness.

All too often, entrepreneurs neglect the landscapes of company pensions, which have often grown over many decades – too complex, too multifaceted, sometimes too sensitive. Yet it is precisely the company pension scheme that is often extremely costly due to interest-rate-associated and demographic risks. We assist our clients in the restructuring of remuneration systems and company pension schemes, taking into consideration aspects such as harmonisation (e.g. because different pension plans exist for different groups of employees or because company acquisitions have created a mosaic-like picture), and create transparency, comparability and cost certainty. Restructuring and harmonisation can also lead to considerable cost savings. We are experts in all aspects of company pension entitlements and can create real, tangible added value for our clients.

Renumeration models
Homogenous and transparent renumeration structures are the corner stone of every good corporate policy.

Annual increases in personnel costs, salary structures perceived as unfair by employees, a lack of principles and a multitude of remuneration systems due to acquisitions – we are happy to accept this challenge. We support our clients in the design of remuneration systems, carry out harmonisation measures where necessary (e.g. after acquisitions) and establish international remuneration principles. We are experts in all aspects of compensation, be it fixed compensation, short-term incentives (bonuses), long-term incentives, stock options, sales incentives, working time accounts or company insurance; we will gladly help you to significantly improve the competitiveness of your company by streamlining and homogenising your salary systems.

Other services

The above selection of areas of competence is only a small part of our service portfolio. Our other focal points include talent management, employer branding, assessment models, in- vs. outsourcing processes, separation management and job mapping.

We would be happy to discuss your individual HR management support needs and the best consulting model for you.